“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
~Nelson Mandela

Learning Process

At GEARED TO LEARN, we understand each child's strengths and challenges. Helping children to become self-advocates and teaching them how they learn, creates the path for their ongoing success. Administering assessments to establish a baseline of learning allows us to create a program best suited for your child. We are available to conduct observations of your child in their school environment to identify problematic areas.  


We do not use a prepackaged program because we have yet to meet a student who comes prepackaged! We customize a program to meet the specific needs of your child, taking into consideration evaluations, as well as school reports, teacher recommendations, and most of all, input from parents and students. Our goal is to help students meet and exceed academic expectations.  To this end, we will work with you to establish an individualized learning plan that details strengths, weaknesses, and educational goals.